“Rosanna ready to tackle beauty motherhood & exercise in a post Covid world “

Hello everyone,

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with renowned nutritionist & former Miss World, the lovely Rosanna Davison.

Rosanna is a very intelligent & interesting lady and I was delighted to get some of her thoughts on skin regime, lifestyle and other issues.

I hope you enjoy the interview and as always please keep healthy & safe.

Agnieszka Orlowska Duggan xxx

Rosanna, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Sophia. I was wondering (as I’m sure many new mothers are!) has your skin regime changed & have you any advice for our readers. 

Thank you so much and I’m absolutely loving motherhood! My skin regime hasn’t changed much apart from having less time to experiment with products and test out new ones. I tend to just stick with brands I know and really like, including Image Skincare, Environ, Dermalogica and TanOrganic for their incredible new multi-use Skin Magic Wonder Balm. My advice for any new mums is to keep your skin regime simple and stick to reliable products, and especially those that help to boost tired skin. For the first three months after Sophia was born, I got accustomed to surviving on 4-5 hours sleep a night but my skin really needed some extra TLC!

·  What does great skin look like for you?

At the moment during lockdown, I’m enjoying letting my skin breathe by avoiding wearing makeup most days but also having a young baby makes it difficult to find the time to apply makeup everyday. While I do love quality skincare products, my skin looks its best when I’m eating a healthy balanced diet with plenty of leafy green veggies, sleeping well and drinking plenty of water. The simple approach really does work! I swear by a daily green smoothie and eating healthy fats regularly to help support skin health. I completely avoid refined sugar and take a sensible approach to caffeine and alcohol, which both tend to dehydrate skin. 

·  Can you tell me what your skincare regime is? 

I always double cleanse at night using an oil-based cleanser followed by a glycolic foaming cleanser, and use a gentle facial exfoliator in my morning shower. I love hyaluronic serums and always use one under both my night cream and my SPF50 in the mornings – I’ve been using an SPF every single day of the year no matter where I am or what I’m doing, and it’s one of my top beauty tips.  

·  Have you any favourite beauty treatments?

The skin treatment I’ve always seen the best results from is facial IPL, to help boost collagen and reduce blemishes and pigmentation. It really hurts but really works! I also enjoy a HydraFacial from time to time and find it very beneficial for skin, too.  

·  We were delighted to create a Semi-Permanent lip colour for you back in 2018 at Purebeau Ireland. What are your thoughts on Semi-Permanent Make Up procedures?

I love that my lips have maintained their natural rosy tint after the treatment and I think that Semi-Permanent Make Up is a brilliant solution in today’s busy world. Plenty of us are tight for time and it can really help to boost confidence when you go make-up free. 

·  I love to follow you on Instagram. Do you think Social Media plays too big a part in people’s lives or is it a necessity in today’s modern world?

It has plenty of benefits, including connecting friends and family, promoting and supporting business, providing support and information for people and spreading the word on important topics. But we all have a responsibility to use it in a way that benefits everybody and spreads positivity, so it can be a community that we all feel safe and secure in. 

·  You have a masters degree in nutrition and have written two books on the topic. What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a healthy diet/lifestyle but just doesn’t know where to begin?

Like with your skincare, keep your approach to eating simple and avoid faddy diets. The best advice I can give here in just a few sentences is to focus as much as possible on eating foods in their natural, whole state and avoid processed foods, refined sugar and white flour foods as much as you can. We’re all genetically, metabolically and biochemically unique, and we have different energy needs depending on our lifestyles, age, gender etc. So eat what makes you feel good, and supports your energy levels and digestive wellbeing. 

·  What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love that each day is different and that my career has always involved plenty of travel. I like to avoid routine and keep each day exciting, so my career path has always supported that. 

·  Can you tell me what a typical day was like for you before the Covid 19?

Since Sophia was born back in November last year, I’ve spent the majority of my time at home with her so it hasn’t been hugely different in that respect. But I would visit my parents a lot, meet friends for coffee and walk with the baby or have visitors to the house, so I do miss the social interaction. 

·  And what’s it like now?

My husband is home all the time with us as he’s closed his business during the crisis, so it’s been lovely to have the time spent together as a family. We take turns to cook, do home workouts, feed Sophia and play with her, and have been enjoying plenty of BBQs and long video chats with our friends and families. 

·  It’s a very difficult time for many people & businesses right now. What changes do you see happening in the beauty/lifestyle industries in the next 12 months?

It’s going to be a very challenging time for the industry for the next while, especially as social distancing is impossible across much of the hair and beauty industry. We’re all going to have to adapt the best we can. and staying healthy and safe is obviously the priority for everyone. We might all have to embrace a natural look with our hairs, nails and lashes! 

·  Finally, If you could go back to the beginning of your journey, is there any advice you would give to a young Rosanna?

I would tell a young me to relax more and have faith that everything will work out how and when it’s supposed to. And not to worry about what people think of you because it really doesn’t make a difference to your happiness!