“What about a beauty voucher for Christmas?”

It’s that time of year again & choosing the right gift for our loved ones can sometimes be difficult. Ideally we would give inspired & thoughtful presents to our nearest and dearest but unfortunately it seldom works out like that. This is why gift vouchers were invented 🙂 

A recent survey showed that over 70% of people who received a gift voucher favoured this over a standard present. 

The reason is that people prefer to choose their own gifts.

A Christmas gift in the form of a beauty voucher is a great solution for the late shoppers or those who don’t have time to walk around the shops in search of gifts.

A beauty voucher can cover many areas such as a spa, facials, manicures etc…and is a great gift not only for women but also men. 

These type of gifts are increasingly being bought by women for their partners.

People can sometimes feel they might offend their loved ones if they get them a beauty voucher. I have experience were customers enquire about purchasing a voucher as a present but are concerned it might upset the recipient. The answer is the voucher doesn’t have to be specific to any treatment. You might as well choose a voucher for a given amount and let them choose what they would like. People like to come in and chat about what treatments are available and generally speaking they tend to top up their voucher.

Spa vouchers are very popular. They are a modern, sophisticated and original gift that have many unique features. Most importantly, they can offer great variety (if we are aren’t quite sure what preference our loved ones might like). They can include any SPA treatment or even a package of treatments. They can be for the individual or a couple. It is enough to buy a valuable voucher for a certain amount, affordable to us, in order to give the other person a chance to make a choice. The beautiful setting of the gift also increases its value making it luxurious, tasteful and more charming.

A gift voucher can be a form of offering unusual and unforgettable experiences, making its real value difficult to estimate. This form of gift has the possibility to be remembered longer than a traditional gift.

* Recently new laws relating to gift vouchers have been enforced under The Consumer Protection Act 2019. Amongst the changes is a gift voucher cannot have an expiry date less than 5 years from the date it was purchased.