In a previous column I wrote that when taking the first step in aesthetic procedures a thorough consultation with your practitioner is vital in order to create your own personal treatment plan.

The main objective of every new patient consultation is to develop a treatment plan that works specifically for them

I have been asked many times “What exactly is a treatment plan & why is it needed?”

My first question in every consultation is to ask my client to look in the mirror & tell me what their main concern is. What is it they would like to achieve.

Generally speaking most people are concerned about the ageing process and would like to look more fresh & natural.

Many times what the individual see’s is not always where the problem lies.

Often I ask if they want me to tell them the solution to their concerns or do they want to hear what I see?

For a treatment plan we need to look deeper. We need to understand their skin & anatomy. 

For example, if they are concerned that they look tired, you may be able to provide a plan to lift or contour the eye area, while also offering skin rejuvenation treatments to revive a dull complexion. A holistic, long-term strategy will achieve a more natural and even result, and it encourages people to embrace regular touch-ups, tweaks, and interventions to maintain their youthful appearance.

I always like to compare a treatment plan to somebody going to the gym…..to see any benefits it’s not enough that you go just once. 

From an aesthetic point of view a cosmetic regime & balanced diet are also important factors

40% of clients during consultation disclose they don’t use SPF cream during the day. Around 20% are not drinking enough water & have unhealthy diets. Considering all of these factors it’s very important that the client understands that one procedure cannot “fix” all of their problems.

All treatments plans are individual to each persons needs & can vary from minor short term procedures to something longer lasting involving regular visits over a period of time

The main objective of every new patient consultation is to develop a treatment plan that works specifically for them.

The attached photo shows the areas a practitioner will focus on during a consultation.

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