“An Aesthetic Consultation “

Are you thinking to have some aesthetic procedures done but don’t know where to start? Hopefully I can help provide some clarity.

Generally speaking we can seek advice from our friends & family on countless situations but when it comes to aesthetic procedures it can be a little difficult as many of us don’t like to share our secrets. 

No matter what clinic you choose the most important first step is a good consultation… 

This will benefit both you and the practitioner.

Some of the most common questions I hear during a consultation are: 

“Do you think I need anything done?”

“I’m afraid I will do something which will make me look worse not better”

“I don’t want any one to see that I had something done but I want to look fresh and glow”

“Will there be bruising?”

“What type of products are you using?”

“When will I see the results?”

All good questions.

Some businesses may employ a specific person to provide the consultation and prepare you for the practitioner but I believe the key is for your practitioner to do the consultation.

A face to face meeting with the person who is providing your treatment will help make a connection. It is very important to build trust. Remember this might be the start of a long term relationship!

A good practitioner will carefully listen to your expectations. You need to be open, completely honest and comfortable. Now is the moment to ask whatever you want to know & understand that no one is judging you.

A good practitioner will assess your motivation and goals during the consultation as there can be different reasons. It might be a new job or a wedding or getting ready for holidays. Or maybe you just want to freshen your look & feel better about yourself.

So what can you expect during a consultation?

I believe it is essential to find out what a client’s expectations are. A consultation will tell me about your health (both body & mind), if you are taking any medication or had any previous aesthetic procedures. 

I have heard of people who believe they had botox in their lips when in fact it was dermal filler. The lips are a muscle. Botox relaxes muscles whilst filler gives volume. It is a practitioners role to educate & explain the differences. To make you aware of the procedures available & what will be best for you.  

For me there are four skin concerns that I examine during a consultation:

  1. Colour (Age Spots, Tread Veins, Rosacea, Acne)
  2. Texture (Lines & Wrinkles, Scars, Lesions)
  3. Elasticity (Jowls, Eye Bags, Hooded Eyes) 
  4. Volume (Cheek Area, Tear Troughs, Lips)

After a consultation the practitioner will make a unique treatment plan just for you.

A treatment plan can depend on the following: 

  1. Severity of the problem
  2. Tolerance for discomfort 
  3. Budget
  4. Timeframe

The length of a consultation can vary for each individual. It can take from 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes people may need two or three consultations before they make their decision. The most important thing is you are happy & well informed afterwards.