Following on from last weeks blog I had many queries from readers so I decided I would do another Questions & Answers this week.

Please keep those questions coming in but please remember it’s important to tell me your age as that can have a bearing on my answer.


A lady in her 40’s asked me:

I was recently in Turkey & had a botox procedure done.

I wanted to smooth the area surrounding my lips as I had deep lines that I wasn’t happy with. As a result I can’t move my upper lip at all. Is this something you have heard of before?

I was speaking with a friend when I came home & she knows somebody who had the same procedure done but with fillers.

Can you tell me what’s the difference between botox & fillers. I know the botox isn’t permanent but how long will it take to wear off? 


I’m sure you did your research before you had the procedure but it’s always important to ask these questions before rather than after.

For the vertical lines surrounding the lips, (sometimes called lip lines or lipstick lines), the recommended procedure is dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers add the volume and fullness whilst botox relaxes the muscles.

Using botox on the upper lip area can cause a fixed “gummy” smile. This is a smile that shows an excessive amount of gum under the upper lip. By injecting botox into the strong muscle this pulls the lip up and can weaken these muscles. Though we can still smile of course! 

It’s possible that too much botox was used or it was injected into the wrong place. The effects from botox can last from three to six months


A 25 year old lady asked me:

For a long time I’ve been thinking of having both lip filler and lip semi permanent make up. My question is what should I do first ? 


That’s a good question. I would recommended doing the semi permanent make up before you think of getting fillers. Semi permanent make up can give the appearance of fuller lips & the result might be the look you wanted with fillers. If not, then you can always enquire into having the fillers done once the lips are healed.


A lady in her 30’s asked me:

I had semi permanent make up done on my eyebrows in Thailand 10 years ago and they are still not faded. Can they be redone now? 


This is probably one of the most frequent questions I hear. Every week I have consultations with clients who want to cover their old permanent make up. Most times it’s possible to proceed and the results are amazing but unfortunately there are a few cases where only laser tattoo removal will work.

Laser tattoo removal is required in the following situations:

  • If the colour is still very intensive many years after the procedure. This means that tattoo ink was used & not SMPU pigment.
  • When the shape is wrong & it’s too thick. It’s easier to cover if it’s too thin but there’s nothing we can do if it’s too thick.
  • When there’s scar tissue, especially after microblading – if the practitioner has gone too deep with the blade.


A 20 year old lady asked me:

I was wondering if I had semi permanent make up done on my eyebrows will it remove all of my natural hair? 


The quick answer here is……Of course not. 

There are two types of clients. 

Those with natural hair & those without natural hair on their eyebrows.

For those with natural hair a technician will draw the eyebrow and if needed will do traditional eyebrow shaping, tweezing only the “baby hairs” to get the best result 


A gentleman asked me:

Is it a good idea to buy someone a voucher for an aesthetic procedure? 


Yes it is, but only if we know the person well and we are sure this is something they would want.

Otherwise the situation may be uncomfortable…..:)