“Semi Permanent Make Up – Eyebrows “

Semi Permanent Make Up – Eyebrows

The most popular area in Semi Permanent Make Up is the Eyebrows, the frame of our face. 

As usual a little bit of theory… 

The Eyebrows are an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eyes that follow the shape of the

lower margin of the brow ridge. Their main function is to prevent sweat, water and other debris from falling down into the eye, but they are also important for communication and facial expression.

What is the purpose of Semi Permanent Make Up Eyebrows?

It is the eyebrow that creates the frame for our whole face. SPMU can help to correct any unnatural contours and perfect the shape of the eyebrow. The symmetry of the face is enhanced. 

It is also very helpful for people who suffer from alopecia and cancer patients who have lost their hair.

SPMU is an alternative to traditional makeup, it is one of the most comfortable, effective ways to improve our natural beauty. Women of all ages decide on permanent make-up because it allows for an immaculate look regardless of the time of day.

It is a huge convenience for those of us who just don’t have the time in the morning to do a perfect job with our makeup

SMPU eyebrows will emphasize the natural beauty, sharpen the shape of the eye, optically thicken thin eyebrow arches and eyelashes.

Like fashion, eyebrow trends have changed over the decades. It could be summarised as follows: 

1920s: The Pencil-Thin Rounded Brow

1930s: The Upward Rounded Arch

1940s: The Heavy Arch

1950s: The Pointed Arch

1960s: The Full Brow

1970s: The Sharp Arch

1980s: The Bushy Brow

1990s: The Skinny Brow

2000s: The Pencil Brow

2010s: The Faded Brow

Semi Permanent Make Up has proved to be a popular procedure over the last few years as it gives the opportunity for the perfect look eyebrows!

Such makeup requires a skilled hand, a good sense of aesthetics, experience and knowledge in the field. Permanent makeup should stay in harmony with natural facial features, therefore the shade, colour and intensity should be carefully selected. When choosing your technician its important to check their work (before and after pictures ) and their experience.

( 2 Brows Techniques in separate box ? )

The most prominent techniques are the natural Hair Stroke look or faded Powder Brows 

Hair Stroke Technique:

The Hair Stroke technique is a very natural, life-like looking brow. This technique is used to mimic natural hairs. Tiny ‘hair stokes’ of pigment are implanted under the skin to create a natural looking brow. This is an ideal treatment for people who have experienced hair loss and don’t want a really obvious ‘made up’ brow. The colour will be custom blended to compliment your skin tone and hair colour. It is also perfect for people that already have quite good hair coverage, and for those who want to fill out gaps in their eyebrows where hair is missing, because the strokes can be made to mimic the natural hair present in colour, thickness and angle. In younger skin, it can even work very well for creating a complete brow where little to no hair exists.

Powder Brows Technique: 

The “powder” technique mimics the effect you can achieve when using brow powder or pencil. It matches your natural hair colour and can be used to fill in sparse areas within the eyebrow.

Opposed to hair strokes, a powder filled technique, involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and a defined shape, which covers the brow area from the inner brow through to the tail in one colour. It adds depth, definition, and results in a more ‘made up’ look. When healed, you will enjoy a permanent, defined but soft powdered look.

What to expect on the day of your appointment?

Generally speaking you should have an initial consultation & then book an appointment.

On the day of the appointment you will complete a consultation form and your technician will then talk about shape & pigment colour. 

They will draw the shape on a pad to confirm exactly what your wishes are. When selecting pigment colour your technician will discuss your skin undertone, taking into consideration colour theory, your hair colour and your own preferences. 

Once you are happy with everything a numbing cream will be applied to the brow area to help with any discomfort during the procedure (most people compare the feeling to being scratched).

The procedure itself will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour

( I think After Care and Healing process in separate box)

After Care – Important Points to Note:

After the procedure it is very important to follow the after care instructions carefully so the skin has a chance to fully heal. The attention given during the first few hours & days is crucial to achieving the best results.

  • Use a very thin layer of Vaseline as healing balm, after 24-48 hrs. It important to let the area dry naturally for the first day.
  • Clear fluid may appear after the tattoo for up to 48 hours ( this is normal). You will need to “dab” them firmly otherwise crusting or scabbing can result.
  • Use water and a cotton pad to clean the skin around the treated area. Pat dry with clean tissues. 
  • Before washing hair, apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the treated area. 
  • If area become itchy, this is normal. Do not scratch the area.
  • Brows will lighten by 30%. 

Healing Time:

Immediately following your treatment, slight skin sensitivity in the form of tenderness, redness, swelling, flaking, drying and itchiness may be present for 2-5 days. Visible healing can take up to 10 days and fading patchy sections, however as the skin heals, the pigment will return to the surface after 2-3 weeks. Colors will appear darker and the shape more defined. The treatment area will become softer and lighter in 3 -10 days.

To determine the color it is best to wait 3-4 weeks before arranging the re-touch appointment.